Friday, January 18, 2008

Finally Some Great Ale

Wanted the first real post of the year to be a sumptuously illustrated piece on this pub in Calderdale I'd read about. It'll have to wait though 'cos time's not my mate at the moment and I certainly don't want to rush it.

In the meantime a phone call this afternoon from the beersphere* was enough to warrant a cab to the West Riding in Juiceburg (Dewsbury) where what has been dubbed 'Son of Jaipur' was waiting. Although it's been about a while, Church End's Indian Summer Daze is the sort of mouthwatering IPA that Friday afternoon desk bound office jerks like me can usually only fantasize about. Of course with a hefty 7% abv every pisshead in town would be chasing a piece, so this was an occasion when scoop now ask questions later was the way to go.

Whilst not having the subtleties or complexities of the Thornbridge this was nevertheless a rocking beer with a stupendous hop character that admirably balanced the sweetness, producing a moreish slightly syrupy ale with a sudden and resounding bitter finish - exactly what was needed to banish those winter blues - or should that be blacks! Looks like happy days are back at last!!

* The local rare beer grapevine

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