Friday, December 21, 2007

C*rling Banished!

What a red letter day! The two pubs I most often frequent (both Ossetts) have just taken the 'C'-word off their bars...and replaced it with Leffe Blonde of all things. TOTAL BONUS! I'm not a great partaker of Leffe (though that's mostly down to price) but the smug entertainment value in watching the faces of 'drinkers' automatically ordering "two pints a' C***lin' mate/luv" without even checking to see if it's served (anybody else noticed this 'how can you call yourselves a pub if you don't serve Crapling' attitude from the 'I won't touch owt unless I've seen it on the telly' brigade?), promises to be quality fun over the festive period. It might even take the sting out of having to share my favourite quaffing holes with folk who don't get in a pub from one Christmas to the next. Having the guts to take such a radical step will certainly ensure my continued support for this embryonic chain - now let's see a few more follow suit!

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Anonymous said...

Worked in a pub until recently and yes it sold C*****G, plus four real ales (hurrah) and yes people did insist on that stuff plus Carlsberg, and on several occasions Tetley's. Once manned a bar at a uni ball, though, and kept getting asked for coffee (by Germans for some reason) even though there was a large sign stating it was a vodka bar.