Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Little Green Men at The Grove

The 'coming soon' board at The Grove in Huddersfield is currently boasting the imminent arrival on the bar of some Little Green Men! No - not the aliens from the foot of your bed but those Lancastrian hot pepper experts from the telly who have now embarked on a career in beer production. Using only the finest (you guessed it) green chillies, the LGM have had bottled versions of their beers on supermarket shelves for a while but this weekend will see an opportunity for local drinkers to try the stuff handpulled. My one and only previous experience with chilli beer was not pleasant (downright dangerous in fact!) but according to the website the brewers have no intention of trying to decapitate anyone but rather wow their customers with the 'fruitiness' that's apparently contained within the peppers (must have missed that bit!). The 3.8% mild version features at The Grove - so a gentle initiation one hopes!

Update: Arrived at The Grove Sunday lunchtime with less than an hour to spare before those legends of non-league footy Locomotiv Harrogate were due on the Beeb (in another pub of course - The Grove does jazz, not sport) and found the LGM had just landed! This copper coloured ale on first tasting was a pleasant though rather thin balance of malt & hop with just a hint of fruit and a late afterburn as the chilli made itself known. Gradually (after the best part of a pint) that familiar belly glow started to build up and provided good insulation against a cold & wet tramp back to town. Need to sample the next one up though, definitely!

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