Thursday, October 25, 2007

a swift couple...

I regularly get to The Huntsman at Chidswell just north of Dewsbury (once a week for lunch in fact) but being an out of the way sort of place the beer can be pretty hit and miss. Four pumps serve permanent Taylor's Landlord and Tom Woods Chidswell (a specially brewed but rather bland house ale) plus two guests, though at least one is usually dry through the week.
Today then was quite a coup, finding Leeds Eager Owl at 4.0% along side Northumberland's 4.3% Newcastle Pride, both on form (at least I presume!) and both a fine accompaniment to a hot roast beef sarnie and chips!
Leeds beers seem widely available considering the brewery only opened in June (obviously a good marketing team/strategy - or is it the free 18!), and I've been more than a little impressed with their output, especially the Midnight Bell. However it's probably safe to say that they're just warming up, and that with the launch of Hell Fire (a 5.2% fiery pale bitter) next month we'll see what this local outfit is really made of! On this occasion my tasting tackle gave the nod to the Geordies with their more rounded biscuity flavoured brew - but it was a damn close run thing and I might just have to pop back after work to make sure!

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