Sunday, September 30, 2007


A couple of very brief visits to The Red Rooster's Septoberfest in Brighouse this weekend was all I could manage but incredibly dropped on the legendary Thornbridge Jaipur IPA again. No sign forever and a day then two come along at once - no complaints though apart from having to limit myself to a solitary half on this occasion!

Over fifty ales had been assembled for this quality event with some real favourites appearing along side newer less familiar brews. In addition to the coveted Jaipur, the delicious Hopback Summer Lightning, Chardonnayle from Bob Hunter's Ossett brewery and Bee-wyched (the best honeyed ale I've ever tasted) from Wychwood were the outstanding beers for me.

The outstanding drinking feat of the festival apparently involved a group of ten blokes who saw off three nines between them during the Saturday session - including all of the Harvistoun! If you do the math that's some serious suppin'!

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