Saturday, October 06, 2007

Some lovely weather accompanied this year's Oktoberfest in Huddersfield which always helps, as being stuck inside The Irish Centre when it's busy is not my idea of fun.

Due to it's size the club is not an ideal venue for this very popular event so being able to step outside and use the terrace this afternoon was very good news indeed.

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My mission at this festival was to set about the inexplicably large showing from Norfolk micro-breweries especially the newer ones like Beeston, Bull Box & Fat Cat. Since there was a lot of familiar local representation it was easy enough to concentrate on the East Anglian stuff and I picked out Fat Cat's Marmalade Cat (from the multi-award winning Norwich pub) and neighbouring Winter's Gold as personal favourites. Many more beers should and would have been tasted but for the onset of a bout of 'man-flu' which had rendered my taste-buds next to useless. A rare weekend off next week so there should be enough time for a full recovery before Elland!

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