Friday, September 21, 2007

Festival Month

It's approaching the time of year when local festivals come thick and fast, often clashing with one another and playing havoc with your average ale hound's social calendar - if he or she is (un)lucky enough to have one that is!
A hectic six weeks will see beer bashes in Batley and Brighouse, emasculating inebriety in Elland and 'Ebden Bridge and I'll be going crackers in Crimble! Plus don't forget Huddersfield's Oktoberfest which will be setting the pace from 4th-6th. Details of all these fine festivals will be appearing here soon.

[Birstall Cricket Club are hosting their second annual one day beer fest tomorrow (22nd) with beers from Old Spot, Anglo-Dutch and Red Rose amongst the ten on offer. £2 admission includes a festival glass.]

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