Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Ten for Ossett!

Ossett Brewery has today acquired it's tenth tied-house, namely the popular Wakefield brewpub Fernandes. An original bid for the pub was turned down last year but after renewed talks a figure has finally been agreed. No wholesale alterations are planned for the second storey bar but a brand new continental style cafe bar will be added in the room below, where a homebrew supply shop is currently housed. The pub operates it's own brewery and this will continue to produce the existing range in much the same way as the Riverhead does at Marsden, with the subsidiary beers complementing the Ossett ales as guests.

An opening date has yet to be announced but sources are predicting early August for the existing pub with September being likely for the new bar.

OSSETT'S TOP TEN in order of aquisition:
Black Bull, Liversedge
Rat & Ratchet, Huddersfield
Three Pigeons, Halifax
Shepherd's Rest, Sowerby Bridge
Traveller's Inn, Hipperholme
Shepherds's Boy, Dewsbury
The Drop Inn, Elland
Riverhead Brewery Tap, Marsden
The Tap, Ossett
Fernandes, Wakefield

Ossett's first pub the Black Bull shortly after re-opening in 2003

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Slubbers Arms, Huddersfield

It's over ten years since I last set foot in the Slubber's Arms, which is a senseless crime given my proximity to the place and a not infrequent craving for Taylor's Golden Best. Still it's good to report that very little has changed in that time, the most notable exception being the loss of landlord extraordinaire Dave Green - a rare publican who managed to keep everyone entertained regardless of how busy he was. This had to be the only pub in my recollection where waiting to be served was always a pleasure! Mr. Green has now moved on to writing about hostelries rather than running them and his recently published book Huddersfield Pubs is certainly worth a read. Order your copy here.

Either end of the main bar in the three-roomed Slubbers Arms showing the veritable treasure-trove of antiquities, not to mention football scarves! Note the nicotine stained ceilings which will hopefully be left as a reminder of the days before we were forcibly protected from our evil selves!

The pub's name immortalises the traditional skill of slubbing, the drawing out and twisting of fibre in preparation for spinning, and visitors can read all about the process and other crafts whilst enjoying a pint. The Slubber's is as much museum as it is pub and no visit is complete without sampling a little of the local history that resides here.

Being a Timothy Taylors tied-house (a rare thing in these parts), the Slubber's naturally enough has Landlord, Best Bitter and the aforementioned Golden Best permanently available, leaving just enough room for a single changing guest. This lunchtime's visit gave us the opportunity to sample some Bradfield Farmers Bitter which was outstanding and ensured a return will be made to this timeless gem in something considerably less than a decade! Map

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Latest Marketing Ploy?!

Chanced upon this excellent blog by Melissa Cole and this post in particular caught my eye. The thought of real ale served over ice!!! The thought that someone could even have the thought!!! JEEEESUS - it's lynchin' time boys (& girls)!
Taking the beard out of beer!: Chilly Reception

PS a concerted effort to visit some interesting ale houses will be made this (wet?) weekend. Far too much f***ball related stuff on here recently (now deleted) for which I apologise, though for those interested in exploring the North Riding forests this summer I have some B&B pub recommendations on my other site - just ignore the birds and enjoy the ale!