Monday, May 07, 2007

Rat & Ratchet Mild Festival

The Rat's second annual mild festival took place this weekend and proved even more popular than the first with some sixteen brews on offer from far and wide. The style of beer is not to everyone's taste with many likening mild supping to drinking a glass of cold coffee! But to the credit of the organisers there were plenty of different types available including some pale offerings to entice those that drink with their eyes.

My personal favourite was one such from Boggart Hole brewery that would definately give Taylor's Golden Best a run for it's money. At the time of writing the final votes hadn't been counted but there were three or four in the running with the rum and blackberry flavoured Leatherbritches and the award winning Rutland Panther probably favourites.

Cleverly organised to coincide with the festival was the presentation by CAMRA of the Huddersfield Pub of the Year Award. This is the first recognition the pub has received since the Ossett take over, and well deserved too.

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