Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fox & Goose Beer Festival, Hebden Bridge

Two more festivals to report on this Bank Holiday weekend, both outside Kirklees but hey, only just!

The Fox & Goose in Hebden Bridge has always had a formidable reputation for good beer and yet this was my first visit! Not a place I pass from one year to the next but returning from the Forest of Bowland today it was nowt but a minor detour.

Fox & Goose Spring Bank Festival

This is one of very few pubs I've visited that doesn't stock (English) L*g*r, and consequently gets top marks from me - I wish a few more would be brave enough to follow suit! [Of course not all real ale folk are saints but the vast majority of the truely feckless in our pubs are to be found clutching some species of this unswillable dreck. The TV plays a huge role in brainwashing as we know but I always figured that the ad campaign that goes "I bet he drinks C**l**g" showing some l*g*r shifter being clever, would have been much more realistic with some pissed-up bin-bashing little snot parcels, verbally abusing every non-tracksuit wearing passer-by from their park bench - just a personal observation you understand!]

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Being their fourth anniversary the theme was "Four Nations Ale" which was fairly ambitious when you consider having to source enough stuff from Ireland to make it work. The festival surpassed all expectations though and it was just unfortunate that I was en-route 'cos I could have stayed all day. Next time there will be a plan in place for this one!

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