Sunday, May 27, 2007

Barge & Barrel Beer Festival, Elland

The Barge & Barrel in Elland does a couple of fests each year and I've managed to miss them all since 2004 due to holidays or something, so it was good to get back in this thriving Calderdale boozarama. An extra bar and live music are easily accommodated here whilst regularly updated aleboards keep the fest-goers in the know.

Beer apart it was pianist Mad Andy Stones that I was really keen to see in action. Once a regular at the Black Bull in Liversedge, he only seems to pop up now and again at local beer fests, but is well worth tracking down if only for his version of Bohemian Rhapsody. A seriously funny man!

Another impressive selection of ales and the usual enthusiastic turn-out made me wonder how I'd managed to avoid so many of the Barge's festivals recently. This is truely great stuff and what every real ale pub should seek to emulate at least once a year!


Anonymous said...

Good old pub style decor and tasty selection of real ales, however bar staff were very dour and unwelcoming and no sign of landlord & landlady until late on when they came to close the bar - unfortunately a most unfriendly pub with poor company, and one which should make you want to return, but doesn't - not a place you would choose for an ideal friendly night out

Anonymous said...

Fair selection of ales, but pulled flat and warm by the unfriendly bar staff - facilities are not clean with poor limited seating that is dirty and foisty - all told a stale and damp unwelcomong atmosphere that is best avoided

Anonymous said...

Decided to give them another go, but wish had'nt bothered - found the same unfriendly and abrasive staff - facilities were still dirty and smelly - to cap it all, ale was flat - that's it now - you go there at your peril - there are far better places for a nice evening out that will welcome you with open arms

Jackal said...

Good grief were you guys in the same pub as me?
A grand little local and on the occasions i've been in, found the staff to be very friendly.

bob the boozer said...

I too have tried it, but agree nothing to write home about, with the ale very poorly kept and warm, and the pub cold and damp. Bar staff very hard to engage, indeed if you can find them. Would'nt go back