Saturday, March 24, 2007

Marsh Beer Festival

One of Huddersfield's regular Good Beer Guide entries held it's annual beer festival this weekend and whilst the menu came up short, the quality of the ale certainly didn't.

Marsh Liberal Club has long been a favourite backwater providing an interesting selection of guest beers in traditional Victorian surroundings. The festival is not held in the club's bar but rather upstairs in the function room where a temporary set-up allowed all the beers to be served by hand-pump.

Of the ten beers available it was the exceptional 4.6% Wellow Gold from the Maypole brewery in Nottingham that came out on top (IMO). This was the most potent of the ten strong line up but was run very close by the excellent Allgates Young Pretender (3.8%) and the ultra-hoppy Oakham White Dwarf (4.3%).

Entertainment was taken care of by the White Rose Morris Men whose enthusiastic consumption of beer was matched only by their energetic display in the club's car park!

It's on to The Star at Lockwood next week where the 50+ line up is sure to provide some fantastic supping.

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