Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Star Beer Festival, Folly Hall, Huddersfield

The Star's pre-emptive smoking ban didn't seem to harm the turnout at the first of three beer festivals planned for the pub this year - in fact the "Real Ale - Real Air" ad-campaign was as well received as the incredible sixty-six ales on show. Judging by the comments in the guest-book, the usual splendid range was very much appreciated in this fresher environment.

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I have to admit to spending a lot less time at the festival than usual due to other commitments but nevertheless found one or two tremendous brews to recommend. Once again I managed to miss out on the much vaunted Summer Wine Brewery's offering which apparently ran off first, but at least a bottled version was available to take away.For lovers of pale citrus flavoured beer it had to be the Geese A Look! from the Goose Eye brewery at 4.2%. This very moreish brew was another early casualty as were the exceptional Marynka from Pictish (4.5%) and Churchend's 4.5% Bats in the Basement.

Best of the bunch I sampled though was the superb Wolf from new brewers Allendale at 5.5%, described in the tasting notes as 'blood-red with biscuit & caramel notes' - which is the very least you could say about this rich, complex and thoroughly satisfying beer!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bacardi Voted Best Beer???!!!

Opinionated Beer Page - Reviews from Anheuser-Busch
Only in America
Like the term "unswillable dreck" though and shall be using it whenever I feel the need!

A Little Faith Restored!

Cheers! The Guardian Guardian Unlimited
Love him or hate him Protz is a good spokesman for the cause of real ale but I do think he's running out of decent Anheuser-Busch put-downs! "Tasteless....thin....insipid" is a far cry from
"Mow the lawn on the hottest day of the year in flannel pajamas. When done, pour the sweat from your nutsack into a bottle, slap a label on it and "BAM!" you have Bud Light!"


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Marsh Beer Festival

One of Huddersfield's regular Good Beer Guide entries held it's annual beer festival this weekend and whilst the menu came up short, the quality of the ale certainly didn't.

Marsh Liberal Club has long been a favourite backwater providing an interesting selection of guest beers in traditional Victorian surroundings. The festival is not held in the club's bar but rather upstairs in the function room where a temporary set-up allowed all the beers to be served by hand-pump.

Of the ten beers available it was the exceptional 4.6% Wellow Gold from the Maypole brewery in Nottingham that came out on top (IMO). This was the most potent of the ten strong line up but was run very close by the excellent Allgates Young Pretender (3.8%) and the ultra-hoppy Oakham White Dwarf (4.3%).

Entertainment was taken care of by the White Rose Morris Men whose enthusiastic consumption of beer was matched only by their energetic display in the club's car park!

It's on to The Star at Lockwood next week where the 50+ line up is sure to provide some fantastic supping.