Friday, July 21, 2017

Beer Of The Week 29 - Salopian 'Disintegration'

For a few weeks I have been bemoaning the dearth of decent beers to write about, this week has been the total opposite with new beers appearing every day which could take the weekly accolade. It does give me  plenty of choice for later weeks but eventually it was a no brainer as to the winner.

I had not really intended to call in Huddersfield on Thursday but circumstances took me there, and the trio of football shirts took me to St Georges Square (on display on the Railway Station), and obviously, as one does, a trip to the Kings Head was in order.

There, alongside a new Pictish beer - excellent in its own right, was Salopian 'Disintegration'.

What a superb beer. 5.1% with plenty of strength to give it balance it is a massively hopped beer - I am not quite which - that give it clean, fresh, and fruit notes. Each mouthful increases the fruit hit, and brings out subtleties in the brew that give underlying flavours as well.

I have published this today so that if you are near the Kings Head call in for a pint before I get back and finish it off !!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Beer Of The Week 28 - Mallinsons 'CF127'

For my avid reader, you may recognise the CF127, showcased in week 22. It is new experimental hop, and on that occasion I was enthusiastic about the XT version of the beer made from it.

This week I have sampled the Mallinsons version, on several occasions and each time it has just got better. In fact it is certainly heading towards my beer of the year; it is certainly my hop of the year.

If you have not tried it, the hop gives hints of tropical fruit, and in some ways is similar to Mosaic, but CF127 gives a rounded bitternessthat becomes very moreish.

It a beer widely available through the local Mallinsons supplier.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Beer Of The Week 27 - Furnace Brewery 'Son Of Abyss'

This weeks choice is a little unusual. Firstly it is from new brewery, the first beer I have sampled from them, and consequently information is a little scarce; and secondly, I don't really like it. Let me explain.

Had I written this on purely personal terms I would have chosen either Mallinsons 'Hopburst' or 'Daniella' - both of which are excellent beers but my choice is based on the compliments that other people have made about it, despite my misgivings.

Furnace brewery from Derby have been brewing for less than 6 months at the pub of the same name. It was previously home to Shiny brewery but they have relocated and Furnace have started to brew. The first beer I have encountered from them was a little unusual.

'Son Of Abyss' is a vanilla mild but at 4.6% is on the strong side for a mild. There is plenty going on - sweeter rather than dry, no discernable hop flavours but a complex selection of malts makes for a pleasant mouth feel. And there is a distinct vanilla hit. If you want to sample it, it is on the bar in the Star.

I look forward to sampling further efforts from them.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Beer Of The Week 26 - Brew York 'Reinvent The Peel'

This week has been a little disappointing on the beer front. Plenty available but nothing really outstanding. That was until I called in Tapped in Leeds on Friday. They had a Brew York tap takeover the previous night and some of the offerings were still available.

I had sampled all bar one of the cask beers previously so I sampled the two new keg beers. The weaker of the two has achieved this weeks accolade. It was launched at the takeover so I was obviously new to me and I had no real information about it. 'Reinvent The Peel' does give a clue about the beer but not much. It is a 2.7% Berliner Weisse, light and subtly hopped with Mount Hood (which I think is a much underused and excellent hop), and with real lemon and lime in the brew.

It is an excellent beer for a summer day, light and refreshing, and very cleansing in the mouth feel. Not sure where it is available but it is worth trying should you see it around.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Beer of The Week 25 - Wishbone/Thirst Class 'Cloudy with a Chance of Hops'

One of the breweries that seems to be going from strength to strength is Wishbone of Keighley. They started brewing about  3 years ago and although I found their beers decent, they never seemed to have the wow factor. More recently I have have sampled some of their output that have been excellent, and this week they have the 'Beer Of The Week' accolade. And well deserved.

My choice was 'Cloudy with a Chance of Hops'.  This is a collaboration with Stockport based Thirst Class and is produced in both cask and keg. I sampled the cask version.

They website reveals it is their take on a New England IPA, and as suggested by the name is unfined. It contains a combination of Ahtahnum, Mosaic, and Nelson Sauvin hops, so there is a massive hop hit and it is 5.9% so it has plenty of body and mouthfeel.

I sampled it at the Victoria Cafe Bar in Halifax where they have both the cask and keg versions.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Beer Of The Week 24 - Mallinsons 'Columbus XL'

This weeks choice of beer has been a bit of a challenge. Unlike previous weeks where it has been a challenge to find a beer of the week, this week I have been finding plenty of beer to fit the bill.

I had initially thought I would choose Tapped 'Gresley' a very pleasant light mild, or Brass Castle 'Heads You Win' -  a beer made with citra and mosaic hops, how could you lose ! Ironically both bought in Tapped in Leeds. I enjoyed Brains 'Rev James Pale' - a vast improvement on the standard version.

But a visit to the Market Tavern on Wednesday revealed the winner. May be only by a short head though. I had heard good things of Mallinsons 'Columbus XL', and with only a limited number of casks around I was not sure I would get chance to sample it.

It is 5.5% and basically a strong version of the single hopped Columbus. The additional strength brings out a superb tropical fruit flavour, and a balanced bitterness. It is not for the weak hearted and well worth searching out. If you do fail to get the cask version there is also a keg version to fall back on.

Star Beer Festival - POSTPONED

Sam regrets to inform us that due to family illness this Summer's Beer Festival (due to start 5th July) has been postponed. It is hoped that it will take place later in the summer.